Paladin was established in 2014 by Uğur Aladinler to provide fast, effective solutions for companies' data management transfer and display needs.

From the first day in business, Paladin has rapidly increased the number of customers and projects, has signed very valuable business partnerships, has gained the representation of important vehicles and companies, and has taken the necessary steps to ensure that all team employees are certified. Paladins know that they need to be trained, certified and experienced in all the tools they need to use to process data or streamline systems.

As a result of long researches and tests, which tools and structures are supported, a decision is made as a team and the documentation related to these tools is provided to both employees and customers when requested.

Our Services


Business Intelligence; provide a consistent and easy-to-use environment that can meet the managerial, operational and analytical reporting needs of businesses after the raw data from various systems and resources are processed and edited.

From the simplest two-dimensional tables to the most complex multi-dimensional graphic representations, all kinds of analysis tools are expected to provide "one-stop" on these systems.

Paladin consultants can provide the best use of business intelligence tools such as, Microstrategy, Oracle Business Intelligence, IBM Cognos TM1 ve Information Builders

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Data Science

 ETL Procceses

It is the process of modeling, organizing and writing appropriate data for reporting on specified target systems for the purpose of creating ODS, EDW and / or DataMarts.

Within the scope of this study, mostly data inconsistencies and deficiencies are identified and correction works are carried out.

etl process


Data Quality

Data Quality 

It is the process of validating the compatibility and accuracy of the data on the system with the data and structures inside, inside or outside the system.

An example of this study is to check the compliance of electronic mail or regular mail addresses and phone numbers in the system with the standards and to determine their closeness to reality by various methods.







data mining

Data Mining

Some data sets that are too large to be reported and which cannot be revealed by standard workflow, determined by academic statistics and data processing methods and results are drawn to guide administrative decisions.. 

Determining which product clusters in a store will provide more sales if they are placed close to each other can be an example of this study.

Many managers need different reporting, analysis and forecasting methods to manage their strategies and performances.

In this process, corporate performance management product families offer infrastructure support that can provide solutions to companies under the following topics:

  • Annual, monthly or floating budgeting,
  • Profitabilty studies based on product,region and channel,
  • Tailor made solutions for needs in business units, such as planning, sales, campaign, project and investment costing,
  • Consolidation solutions for holding or group companies,
  • Automation and management of monthly closing processes
  • Long term financial planning
  • Scoring Solutions.

Paladin consultants can provide integrated solutions with existing systems in all processes of analysis, modeling and development of the above processes on different products.

The way we approach a performance management study, conceptually as follows:

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Our experienced staff provides services to ManageEngine product for the management of IT Processes.

Why ManageEngine?

  • Installation and deployment process is 10x faster than the closest competitors.
  • User friendly UX Design of the administrative and user interfaces.
  • Applications are always up-to-date with periodic updates and “Best Practice” follow-up.
  • Competitive price/performance.
  • With its scalable structure, only the needed module / feature can be purchased.
  • Executes multiple actions in connection with its integrated modular structure.
  • It offers a single solution to all needs in the IT world.

Product Family

  • ManageEngine CA provides the technical features provided by HP, IBM and Microsoft companies with 90% -10% price advantage.
  • It has over 80,000 customers in more than 200 countries around the world.
  • ManageEngine has over 400 clients in Turkey.
  • With its scalability and Price / Performance advantage, Large Enterprise, Enterprise, Small Enterprise can be applied to companies in all scopes.

Manage Engine Products

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