Paladin helps companies focus on data-driven decisions

Our main goal is to augment leaders to tackle real-world problems with data technologies.

Who we are

We are the paladins, the knights and the champions of the data realm. We are a group of experienced IT consultants. We forge data technologies to transform corporate learning into meaningful outcomes.

What we do

We offer valid, efficient, and quick solutions. We specialise in the data management, integration, and presentation needs of our clients. We also provide IT and operations management services. Our offices are located in Hungary, Turkey, and the UK.

How we do

We act as a nearshore stakeholder for our partners. We offer a consultative approach with an integrated portfolio of technology-based solutions. We adopt a customer-centric service model to work with our partners. We offer customised services and solutions for specific requirements.

Get your organisational information structured, analysable and actionable with

"Smarter Decision Making Process"

Achieve Your Goals with Paladin

Managers make critical business decisions based on limited information, every day, everywhere. Competition is fierce, and customers are hard to win. A competitive business needs more than spreadsheets.

Paladins, help companies collect, analyse, and use a wide range of data. We combine the potential of data with cutting-edge technological capabilities. Our teams manage, compile and develop data and technology solutions. Our projects create competitive advantages and increase visibility in a crowded market.

Experience True Business Evolution

Paladin helps organisations to evolve their business practises. We create momentum to achieve stakeholder satisfaction.

We use the latest technologies to achieve outstanding results

Analysing data is one thing; interpreting it for success is another.

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